Best Features

Xerochat has powerfull features which enrich it`s Productivity more effectively.

Unlimited Substances

xerochat allows importing unlimited facebook accounts, unlimited facebook pages. It`s a multi-user system that allows creating unlimited users.

Comment Marketing

XeroChat allows commenting automatically on Facebook Page Posts and also has the ability to automatically reply to Posts comments.

Messenger Marketing

XeroChat allows to set messenger bot for multiple facebook Pages. Bot can reply with text, post back button, quick reply, image, video, template, carousel template & so on.

Conversation Marketing

XeroChat allows Sending Bulk Messages to all Subscribers with Emoji, Spintax and delay option for Each Message facilities.

SMS Marketing

XeroChat allows send automated bot replies over Bot Subscribers and also allows to send bulk SMS to the clients over Phone number.

Social Media Marketing

XeroChat allows Text, Image, Video, Link, Slider/Carousel, CTA Posting on Facebook Pages and also has the ability to Re-posting on Facebook pages.

Comparison Marketing

XeroChat has the feature of comparing two websites and provide a report about comparison of the websites.

Analytical Marketing

XeroChat Provides Analytical Report with Graphical Interface of Messenger Bot Usage of Facebook Pages.

Responsive Design

XeroChat is a fully responsive, well designed, best structured and effective user-friendly modern application.

Amazing Dashboard

Dashboard of an application can be called the index of the application. A Well Structured, well-designed dashboard gives clean overview of the application`s feature usage. XeroChat Dashboard is designed in a structured and user-friendly way with Graphical analytics.

Monthly/Weekly/Daily Statistics

In the XeroChat Dashboard, Client can see their Monthly/Weekly/Daily wise Statistics. Also Can see how many interactions happened on the day.

Graphical Analytics

In Xerochat Dashboard Graphical Statistics of last month interacted subscribers will be shown on the dashboard.

Overview of Features

XeroChat Dashboard can be called an information management tool that helps the user to capture, track, analyze and visualize the performance of the XeroChat feature usage.

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Messenger BOT for Replying 24/7

  • Reply with Text, File, Image, Audio, Video, Gif
  • Generic Template, Carousel Template, Media Template
  • Post Back Buttons, Quick Reply Buttons
  • Button of URL, Phone Number, Webview , User Birthday
  • Quick Reply button of user Email, Phone Number
  • Personalized Reply with First Name, Last Name
  • Sync existing leads & migrate as BOT subscribers
  • Subscriber Profile with gender, time zone & locale
  • Segment subscriber by post-back button click
  • Segment subscriber by private reply
  • Segment subscriber by adding label manually
  • Typing on Enable Option
  • Custom delay in each reply
  • Mark Seen Action enable option
  • Persistent Menu
  • Different Persistent Menu add for Different locale.
  • Your Brand URL set option in Persistent Menu
  • Collect Email from Quick Reply Collect Phone Number from Quick Reply
  • Download Email & Phone Number as CSV
  • Error reporting log of reply

Subscriber Information

  • Subscriber Profile with gender, time zone & locale
  • Download Subscriber Lists.

Send Promotional Message

  • Send Bulk Message to all subscribers
  • Emoji and spintax message
  • Full Report of Campaign (Delivery/Unsuccessful).
  • Custom Message with Individual Leads Name option.
  • Delay Option For Each Message Send.
  • Unsubscribe option with Messenger BOT Settings
  • Manual Unsubscribe Option.
  • Auto Unsubscribe Leads Who Blocked Page Message.

True Post Comments Into Messenger Leads

  • Auto Comment on Page Post as Page
  • One-time & Periodic Comment || Serial & Random Periodic Comment || Emoji and spintax comment
  • Auto Comment Template Management
  • Increase Page Engagement
  • Auto Comment Reply with Webhook as instant.
  • Auto Comment Reply & Private Reply for Post Comment.
  • Auto Like on Comment & Dark Post Reply
  • Reply Multi Image Post’s Each Image
  • Filtering Word Based Auto Private Reply & Comment Reply Option.
  • Segment Subscribers
  • Emoji and spintax message

Complete Page Posting, Scheduling & Periodic Reposting

  • Text, Image, Multi-image, Video & Link Post
  • Carousel & Slideshow Post
  • CTA Button Post
  • Schedule/Instant Post to Your All Facebook Pages with a Single Click.
  • Periodic Re-posting Ability
  • Enable Auto Comment Reply Campaign With Post.
  • Full Report of Posting
  • Emoji Library

RSS Feed Link Auto Posting in Facebook Pages

  • System will post any new RSS feed link using xerochat link poster automatically.

Extended Lisense Feature

PayPal & Stripe Payment Method
  • PayPal Instant Payment
  • PayPal Recurring Payment
  • Stripe Instant Payment

Support Desk
  • User Can Open Ticket
  • Admin Can Reply Ticket
  • Email Notification

Advanced Dashboard
  • Admin Can See User Activity Log
  • Overall system dashboard
  • Admin can see user dashboard


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